Pro Bono Assistance: Helpful and Responsive

Ed Sommer practiced law as a Financial Transaction Attorney with the Chicago-based firm Chapman and Cutler LLP for 36 years. During the course of his career, he worked on many types of negotiated debt transactions with a variety of different types of borrowers, lenders and credit providers, including Chicago Community Loan Fund.

Retired attorney Ed Sommer continues his work with CCLF as the fund supports communities impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Although now retired, the Notre Dame Law School alumnus remains at the ready to provide helpful and responsive pro bono legal assistance as needs arise. Most recently Sommer volunteered his legal expertise as CCLF prepared its participation as administrator of the Cook County Community Recovery Fund, a zero percent interest loan program for Suburban Cook County small businesses and independent contractors impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“While I was with Chapman, I did some work on a pro bono basis for CCLF,” Sommer explains. “I participated in some of CCLF’s lending activities and actually represented some of their borrowers, making sure the smaller companies had their rights and interests looked after. I’ve always been impressed by CCLF’s mission.”

“Particularly at this time with the COVID crisis, I was happy to have the opportunity to use my experience on a project that would be helpful to the suburban Cook County community,” Sommer continues. “I was not too surprised to get a [CCLF’s] call because doing financial agreements and contracts encompasses my practice. They wanted someone who was somewhat familiar with the Suburban Cook County area to review the documents.”

To date response to the Cook County Community Recovery Fund has been impressive and, thanks to Sommer’s document reviews, drafts and suggestions, the principals involved with the process have had minimal issues. “I am happy to assist,” Sommer concludes. “CCLF is really the one doing the great work.”